Best Ever Songs Of Worship & Adoration CD


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This CD from Marilla features 20 of the very best worship and adoration songs ever written. The Combination of Marilla’s beautiful voice with fine orchestral and guitar arrangements makes this an album to treasure.

  1. Jesus, Behold The Lamb
  2. Abba Father (Medley)

  3. Dwelling Places
  4. God of Comfort (Medley)
  5. This Is My Desire (Medley)
  6. Tender Mercy
  7. I Am With You Forever (Medley)

  8. Jesus Be The Center
  9. Make My Heart (Medley)
  10. I Want To Worship The Lord (Medley)

  11. Love Beyond Measure
  12. Such Love (Medley)
  13. I Believe In You
  14. Worship The Lord (Medley)
  15. You Are Here
  16. When I feel The Touch (Medley)
  17. You Are Beautiful
  18. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Medley)
  19. Surely The Presence Of The Lord
  20. Holy Ground